Image of piecing your batting together when quilting

The Best Ways To Piece Batting Together

Whether you’re looking to combine your leftover pieces or need a larger piece for your project, this week we’re sharing tips for piecing your batting together. We explore poly and cotton battings as well as reviewing two products we love using, Best Press Spray Starch and the Gypsy Quilter Mister Bottle.

How To Create A Block With Partial Seam Construction

We’re sharing how fun it is to do partial seam construction (but no laughing at the end – even we’re fail-able!!!). Sometimes, this technique is needed so it’s a handy tool to have in your quilting belt when you need it.

We’re Exploring the Differences in Cotton vs Wool Quilting

Most applique patterns can be done in either wool or cotton, but sometimes it just takes a tilt of the head to imagine what that would look like.  We wanted to show you some differences in doing a pattern in a medium that it doesn’t call for. 

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