Quick Tips When Caring For Your Quilt

    We’ve seen so many quilts pass through our doors that literally had the stuffing loved out of them and they weren’t old quilts. If you wash your quilts frequently, they will wear just like your clothes do – not well. We were once told that you want to treat your quilts like you do your skin.

    Wash your quilts in warm-cool water with a gentle soap. If the quilt only needs refreshing (there aren’t spills that need caring for) then skip the soap altogether. When you dry them, toss the quilt in the dryer for 10-15 minutes max., and then take it out and drape it over something to finish drying. In good weather, you can dry it outside, but remember to toss a sheet over it to prevent birds from doing their biz on it. If you take care of your quilts, they will last many years, even if you use them daily. Just don’t cook them in a dryer. This is also good information to pass on to someone you are gifting a quilt to if they don’t know any better.

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