Create A Yo-Yo Christmas Tree With Our Free Download And Other Easy Gift-Giving Ideas

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    This week we are sharing some fun projects that you might want to give as a gift. They aren’t too time-consuming, so you can easily get them done in time for the holidays. We apologize for the cuts in the video – our brains weren’t engaged very well – obviously!!

    We are also sharing a project that Teri has been wanting to try for a few years – a yo-yo Christmas tree. We are adding it as a free download which you can find here [pdf version | jpeg version].

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      [0:00 minutes] Intro: Easy Small Gift Ideas For the Holidays [Teachers, Friends, Co-Workers, and more].
      [0:30 minutes] Mug Rugs – The perfect way to gift a coffee / tea / hot chocolate mug.
      [1:54 minutes] Using Grommets: How to cut the hole and add grommets to your creation.
      [6:11 minutes] These are fun ornaments to create that are quick and adorable! We used the scalloped edge rotary cutter for the perfect edging for this design. Tip: Use Carol Doak’s Foundation Paper so you don’t ruin your patterns and be sure to mark your patterns to note what colors go with which pattern piece. These also make great gift tags!
      [9:25 minutes] The “Noel Snowman” – This was quick and fun to create and we love how it turned out! We used wool and include the embellishments for the snowman and the wings. This makes a great ornament or home decor piece.
      [11:17 minutes] Free Download!! We’re sharing how we created 3 different decorative yo-yo Christmas trees and are sharing how to use your scraps to create your own to enjoy or give.
      [12:10 minutes] How to customize your Christmas Tree creation with items from the dollar store.
      [13:00 minutes] How to create a Yo-Yo Christmas Tree using your different quilting and crafting leftovers.
      [13:40 minutes] TIP: How to get rid of leftover glue gun strands with a blow dryer
      [14:23 minutes] HOW-To-GUIDE: Step-by-step, How To Create a Yo-Yo Using the Yo-Yo Maker with bonus tricks and tidbits [remember: left side to the ride side of the U].
      20:15 minutes] Free Download On Our Website: Quick 1 pg How To Instructions – Creating a Yo-Yo Christmas Tree [ pdf | jpeg ]

      Please note: This blog is an archive from our parent company, Material Rewards. Any products, promotions, or sales are no longer available. This content is being shared for our quilting fans as a tutorial resource.

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