Creating Table Runners and More with Toweling!

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    This is the perfect time of year to bust out a little hand work and with Spring right around the corner, some nice, bright embroidery is just what the doctor ordered. Embroidery is the perfect project – it is usually a small time commitment, will tuck into any corner, and is totally portable! This week, we’re giving you ideas for a new project and some tools to make them easy peasy.

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      [0:35 minutes] Stitch when you want to sit!
      [1:05 minutes] Product Review: Transfer-Eze Paper
      [1:20 minutes] How to use  Transfer-Eze Paper: Step-by-step guide
      [2:05 minutes] Dissolving the Transfer-Eze Paper to remove from your fabrics
      [2:30 minutes] Humidity and how it affects the Transfer-Eze Paper
      [3:04 minutes] Creating a table runner with toweling as the base of your embroidery
      [3:45 minutes] Shaping the ends of your toweling table runner
      [4:10 minutes] Accenting with Ric Rack and Valdani threads
      [4:48 minutes] What to do when you don’t have a pattern for your image: Use Google Image Search
      [5:18 minutes] Using your clip art and Transfer-Eze Paper to create your border stripe design
      [6:12 minutes] Using clip art to create home decor that can easily be changed each season
      [7:46 minutes] Another home decor creation: Wall hanging design
      [8:20 minutes] Creating table runners with the toweling and accenting with chain stitch, backstitch, and running stitch to create embroidered flowers [using buttons & Valdani threads]
      [9:40 minutes] Layering with batting and creating a quilted style
      [10:00 minutes] Be sure to use a good set of needles. We like Chenille #10 Needles and use the Needlework Threader.
      [10:40 minutes] Teeny Tidbit: Attach the tiny scissors to the needle threader for your convenience
      [11:14 minutes] HOW TO: Use the needle threader to thread your needle easily
      [11:55 minutes] What to do when your finger is sore from sewing: Using the Thimblepad!
      [12:30 minutes] How to use Thimblepads [perfect if you don’t like using a thimble]
      [13:10 minutes] “Stitches at a Glance” Book – it’s a wonderful resource that shares the very basic stitches for hand embroidery. It offers very basic instructions to make it easy.
      [13:38 minutes] Changing your stitches from what the pattern suggests – let your creativity run wild!
      [14:00 minutes] Using chain stitch – it’s so easy to go around tight corners
      [17:52 minutes] All of these projects are perfect for traveling, waiting for appointments, and those moments when you’re sitting still!

      Please note: This blog is an archive from our parent company, Material Rewards. Any products, promotions, or sales are no longer available. This content is being shared for our quilting fans as a tutorial resource.

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