Blue Hydrangeas Pillowcase


The beautiful blues and greens of this pillowcase will have anyone dreaming about the smells and sights of the beautiful hydrangea flowers.

MEASUREMENTS: 22 x 27 inches each
SUGGESTED USES: Bedroom Pillow
GIFT IDEAS: Birthday Gift, Christmas Gift, Thank You Gift, New Home Gift
PRICING: $9.00 single pillowcase | $16 for a set of 2 [same prints]

Elegant Design:
The stunning blue and green hues capture the essence of hydrangea flowers, bringing the beauty of summer to your bedroom all year round.
Comfortable Fit: Measuring 22 x 27 inches, this pillowcase is designed to fit standard pillows snugly, ensuring a cozy and restful sleep.
High-Quality Fabric: Crafted from premium materials, it offers a soft and durable texture, enhancing your sleep experience with its comfort and elegance.
Versatile Appeal: Perfect for any bedroom decor, this pillowcase adds a touch of floral elegance and summer charm to your bedding ensemble.

Wake up to the beauty of summer every day with the Blue Hydrangeas pillowcase, designed to bring the refreshing sights and scents of hydrangea flowers into your home.

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