Christmas Tree Wool Door Hanger / Wall Art


Celebrate the holiday season with our Christmas Tree wool door hanger / wall art. This charming piece of home decor adds a festive touch to any space, featuring a hand-stitched Christmas tree design with a star on top. Bring the festive ambiance of the season to any room with this wool art.

MEASUREMENTS: 4.5 x 10 inches
SUGGESTED USES: Doorknobs, Wall art, Home decor for any room
GIFT IDEAS: Housewarming gift, Birthday gift, thank you gift, Christmas gift, Secret Santa gift

Festive Design: Our “Christmas Tree” Wool Door Hanger / Wall Art features a simple yet elegant Christmas tree design, perfect for holiday decorating.
Versatile Use: Measuring 4.5 x 10 inches, it’s designed to hang on your door or wall, making it suitable for home or office decor.
Budget-Friendly Gift: It makes a wonderful budget-friendly gift for friends, family, or colleagues, adding a festive touch to their holiday decor.
Premium Materials: Crafted from high-quality wool fabric, it offers durability and a soft, festive feel.
Handmade Quality: Each piece is hand-stitched, ensuring a unique and artisanal quality that enhances its charm.

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