The Best Ways To Piece Batting Together

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    We’re going to help you get rid of those piles of loose batting that have been hanging around your sewing room this week. We have easy ways to get them pieced and added into your next project! It’s so easy, just need to take a few simple steps to prep it and wait til you see a new use for bendy straws!!!

    If you haven’t used Best Press, let us introduce it to you. It makes pressing so much easier and gets rid of those stubborn wrinkles in your fabric. If you’ve ever gotten the end of a bolt, you know that you almost need to wash the fabric to get the wrinkles out, but Best Press will take care of that step for you!

      QUILTING BLOG CONTENTS [click to view]

      [1:39 minutes] Cut Straight Edges for Your Batting Pieces
      [2:00 minutes] Tips When Combining Batting Together
      [2:55 minutes] Piecing Cotton Batting Together
      [4:21 minutes] Piecing Polyester Batting Together
      [5:25 minutes] Using a Bendi-Straw To Piece Batting Together
      [7:26 minutes] How To Easily Smooth Your Fabrics
      [8:00 minutes] PRODUCT REVIEW: Best Press Spray Starch
      [9:27 minutes] PRODUCT REVIEW: Gypsy Quilter Mister Bottle
      [10:25 minutes] Pre-washing Fabrics vs Pre-ironing Fabrics
      [10:44 minutes] Ironing Your Fabric vs Ironing With Spray Starch
      [11:30 minutes] Using Steam When Ironing Your Fabrics
      [11:55 minutes] Is An Expensive Iron Necessary?

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