Welcome To Two Sisters Quilt Company!

Welcome to our new store, Two Sisters Quilt Company!

Welcome to our new endeavor! We know, you thought you had heard the last from us, but, alas, we’re back for another conversation with you!

We have a few odds and ends of quilt kits left from our recent Material Rewards closing sale that we’re trying to rehome (and give a bit more of a discount) and we also wanted to tell you what’s next for us. Shop our sale here.

Marty will still continue machine quilting, so if you need to contact her, you can contact her at 585-335-8313. Please leave a message and she’ll get back to you. You can also contact her via email – Quilts@TwoSistersQuiltsCo.com.

One thing that we forgot to do in the video is to thank our family. Without their help and support, Material Rewards wouldn’t have been what it was—from wiring the building, weeding the flower beds, mowing the lawn, helping with outside work, and pitching in on sale days. Guys – you are forever in our hearts and we can’t thank you enough!  🙂

We know, you’re probably saying we’re dumb bunnies for not taking retirement and running like we stole it.  Well, it’s just not in our DNA, we guess.  Material Rewards wasn’t just a “job” for us.   We truly loved what we did and just don’t see stopping ‘cause we’re a little older- just need to take a different path.  To that end, Two Sisters Quilt Co is born! If you’d like to join us on this endeavor and wish to remain on our mailing list, you’ll need to click on this link [or go to the bottom of this page] and add your information so we can keep in contact.

Thank you all for being great friends to Material Rewards over the past 37 years. We’ll miss you all, but as sure as Bob’s your Uncle (sorry – had to fit that in there one last time!!) we’ll see you down the road!

Teri & Marty
Material Rewards / Two Sisters Quilt Co

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