We’re Sharing Two Simple Ways To Create Quarter Square Triangles!

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    We’re back, baby!!! We’re a little more rejuvenated and we’ve been finishing up UFO’s like they’re going out of style! It’s so good to get those piles to go down.

    We finished a quilt – the Star Gazing Soiree – that we talked to you about last September about the log cabin blocks that are 1/2 of the quilt. This week, we’re going to chat about the Quarter Square Triangles that make up some of the other blocks in this gorgeous quilt. There are many ways to make them, so find what works for you!

      QUILTING BLOG CONTENTS [click to view]

      [0: minutes]
      0:40 minutes] The Star Gazing Soiree Quilt – Featuring Log Cabin Blocks [See our 9/27/22 Tidbit]
      1:07 minutes] Design Variations – Using the Ohio Star Block and the Log Cabin Block
      1:27 minutes] Adding a border and increasing the size of the quilt
      1:56 minutes] Quarter Square Blocks and the various ways you can make them
      2:51 minutes] We used triangle paper on the half-square triangles with our color combinations to make it easier
      3:23 minutes] How to create Quarter and Half Square Triangles
      3:34 minutes ] The size difference between the quarter square and half square triangle: Every time you make a diagonal cut, add ⅜”.
      3:45 minutes] Adding a ¼” around for the seam allowance
      Our Math Formula: [this is for the exact size]
      – Half Square Triangles: Finished size + 1/2″ + 3/8″ = The Cut Size
      – Quarter Square Triangles: Finished size + 1/2″ + 3/8″ + 3/8″ = The Cut Size
      5:25 minutes] How to figure this all out by looking at your corner block design
      6:20 minutes] Another quilted example to determine your sizing
      7:00 minutes] How to Create Quarter Square Triangles [multiple ways]
      7:15 minutes] Cutting your squares and laying out your pieces [version 1]
      7:41 minutes] Create half-square triangles and then cut them [version 2]
      9:00 minutes] Trimming ‘saves your bacon”
      9:47 minutes] How to trim your square to finish
      10:18 minutes] Two ways to measure and trim your quilt squares
      10:45 minutes] How to measure & trim [we are using the OmniGrid Ruler. Learn more about OmniGrid here.]
      11:15 minutes] Stitch seams & cutting [accuracy vs speed]
      11:53 minutes] Overview of the Quarter Square Triangle
      12:43 minutes] Extra TIDBIT TIP: Creating table risers with PVC pipes to raise your quilting / sewing table up.
      13:47 minutes] Happy New Year – Bob’s your uncle! 🙂

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