We’re Teaching How To Create Chenille Scarves!

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    It’s starting to get a little nip in the air, so there’s no better way to keep Jack Frost at bay than a cozy chenille scarf! We’re walking you through the process of how to make one, whether for yourself or to give as a gift.

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      [0:22 minutes} How To Make Chenille [it’s a good kid’s project too!]
      [1:20 minutes} Why We Like the Homespun Fabrics
      [1:53 minutes} What To Remember When You’re Doing Chenille
      [2:20 minutes} The Faux Chenille Scarf Pattern
      [2:42 minutes} Creating Your Biased Strips
      [3:00 minutes} How To Lengthen Your Scarf
      [3:17 minutes} Choosing Your Colors
      [3:45 minutes} Configuring the Layers of Your Scarf
      [4:25 minutes} Adding Length To Your Bias Strips
      [5:57 minutes} To Prewash Your Fabric or Not
      [6:13 minutes} How To Layer Your Fabric Strips
      [8:11 minutes} About Seam Allowances
      [9:08 minutes} Pinning Your Layers
      [9:55 minutes} Marking a Stitching Line
      [10:45 minutes} Selecting Your Fabric [prints, patterns, contrast, etc]
      [12:10 minutes} Stitch Length | Walking Foot
      [12:42 minutes} PRODUCT RESOURCE: How To Use the Kwick Klip
      [14:01 minutes} Threads To Use When Creating Chenille
      [14:49 minutes} Using the Rotary Cutter and Pinking Blade To Trim the Layers
      [15:45 minutes} PRODUCT REVIEW | HOW TO USE: Using the Olfa Chenille Cutter
      [16:32 minutes} Using Scissors To Cut Your Two Layers [and Which Layers To Cut]
      [17:55 minutes} How To Open the Chenille Cutter | How To Clean the Chenille Cutter
      [18:38 minutes} Using a 45mm Rotary Cutter
      [19:08 minutes} Understanding the sizes of the Chenille Cutter Feet
      [19:57 minutes} The Chenille Cutter: How To Change the Cutting Size
      [21:05 minutes} Cutting Your Layers Using the Chenille Cutter
      [22:40 minutes} What To Do When Your Chenille Cutter Doesn’t Slide As Well
      [23:25 minutes} Washing & Drying Your Fabric After Trimming
      [24:13 minutes} Trimming the “Handle”
      [24:25 minutes} Creating the Fringe Look on a Scarf
      [24:55 minutes} Sharing a Chenille Throw We Created and How We Did It
      [26:42 minutes} How They Wash & Wear Beautifully
      [26:55 minutes} How Many Yards It Takes To Create
      [27:40 minutes} Thought To Ponder: How Do You Thread A Needle In Outer Space?

      Please note: This blog is an archive from our parent company, Material Rewards. Any products, promotions, or sales are no longer available. This content is being shared for our quilting fans as a tutorial resource.

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